The shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been called a ‘crisis within a crisis' by trade unions, yet the government have insisted that PPE is being delivered to frontline health workers. Over the last week the military have been assisting with the delivery of supplies but many staff across a range of care facilities have explained that it simply isn't enough.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "despite efforts to deliver further PPE supplies to hospitals, extra care homes and other front facing health services, it is clear the government aren't meeting the demand. Many local authorities such as Havering Council have put out a call to local businesses who may have face masks, gloves etc. asking them to get in touch and help support frontline health workers."

Havering Council have asked businesses or individuals with a surplus of PPE to contact them via email on:

Jon added: "we are getting conflicting information from the government on this. Number 10 are claiming that huge supplies of PPE are being delivered to the NHS, but Cabinet Ministers have acknowledged many places are still not getting the equipment they need. It just isn't good enough."

Earlier this week Jon Cruddas voiced his support for a letter sent by Dave Prentis, General Secretary of Unison, the union that represents public service workers, calling on the Prime Minister to take urgent action to address the lack of PPE.

Dave Prentis wrote: "Public service workers are still in their workplaces because they need to be, and because they want to be. But their selfless acts must not place them at risk. Too many feel like they've been forgotten – their safety a mere afterthought, despite the critical work they continue to do."

He added: "So far many promises have been made by your government. But promises don't protect people."