In April the Mayor of London held an emergency summit on violent crime, calling on people from across the political spectrum as well as the Police Commissioner to discuss ways that we can tackle violent crime, particularly youth crime.

This week Sadiq Khan has launched the Young Londoners Fund which has been created to support a range of education, sport, cultural and other activities for children aged 10 to 21 in response to rising violent crime in the capital.

The Young Londoners Fund consists of £30 million available to fund new projects in local communities, and £15 million to scale up existing City Hall funded projects to support young Londoners. Both funds are open to bids and can be applied for HERE

Jon Cruddas MP has praised the initiative saying “this is a fantastic start, and delivers on the promise Sadiq made only a month ago. This isn’t a one answer fits all issue though. As discussed at the summit, reasons for violent crime are multi-dimensional and it will take a multi-agency approach to deal with the underlying concerns which lead our young people into lives of crime.

“Whilst it is true to say that falling police numbers due to government cuts are a factor in the rise in violent crime, it is also true to say that we can’t arrest our way out of this situation. We need to invest back into communities, and support projects that work with children from a young age, as often secondary school level intervention is too late. That is why this new fund is so important and I hope organisations in Dagenham and Rainham will apply.”

You can find out more about the Young Londoners Fund and apply HERE