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MP plans action summit to address Rainham Floods

Picture of flood sign
MP plans action summit to address Rainham Floods

Rainham Village has suffered repeated flooding in recent months. Many residents in Brookway, South Hall Drive, Stirling Close and nearby roads had flood water enter their homes causing damage to property and long lasting disruption and distress to families.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham has acted to bring together Havering Council, Thames Water, the Environment Agency and Network Rail in a summit that will address these issues. He is chairing a meeting of the agencies in early March to get them to put together a plan of action which will prevent future floods in the area.

Jon said: "Based on comments from the affected residents and my own observations it seems that there are various problems that are causing the floods and each of the organisations I am calling to the meeting have a part to play in solving these problems.

"It's only by them working together in a coordinated and planned way that lasting solutions be found. My intention at the meeting is to get agreement to produce an action plan and then I will be making sure it is put in place to protect the people of Rainham."

The summit will launch an ongoing working group called 'Flood Action Rainham' which will be led by the MP. The aim will be to meet quarterly so that the organisations with responsibility for flood mitigation can address flood concerns in the Rainham area.