MP launches c2c consultation

Thu, 02/09/2017 - 05:00
MP launches c2c consultation

Many local residents have contacted their MP Jon Cruddas feeling dissatisfied with the service at Rainham's c2c station. Residents have raised the issue of overcrowding on the platform and the inadequate number of carriages used during peak hours at the station. With National Express securing in recent weeks an agreement in principle with Trentitalia for the acquisition of c2c, residents are worried the new timetable released on January 9th by c2c and the upheaval of the new ownership will affect their commute to and from work. Despite recent upgrades to the service residents fear it will slip into decline.

Jon feels the merge will bring a lot of positives to both Rainham and Dagenham Dock Stations, but as the local Member of Parliament he wants to ensure residents have the best possible service and will work towards making sure this is delivered over the coming weeks and months.

A survey for commuters has been launched online HERE by the MP to gather information in regards to the service at both Rainham and Dagenham Dock stations. Please CLICK HERE to take part.

Jon commented: "C2C is a much-used service for many residents all over Dagenham and Rainham. I will work closely with both The National Express and Trenitalia to ensure the concerns of the residents in my constituency are addressed. Working together we can welcome the new ownership of c2c and ensure the standards of their services are high, keeping customers content during their commute to and from work in the busiest hours."

With the merge approaching Jon is in the process of organising a meeting with representation from both C2C and Trenitalia to discuss the process.

He has recently launched an online survey for residents to complete based on the new timetable announced on January 9th whilst also addressing the circumstances at stations during peak hours. Jon would very much appreciate if the people of Dagenham and Rainham took their time to complete this survey which can be found by CLICKING HERE, as he feels the more information he receives from residents means he can express their views during the meeting process.