Arnolds Field in Rainham has recently come under scrutiny again with another rise in illegal fly tipping. In the past the issue has been raised with Havering Council's StreetCare department by Jon Cruddas MP, Member of Parliament for Dagenham and Rainham. The area is somewhat notorious for dumping waste and this has become a rising concern for local residents.

The Dagenham and Rainham area has had many issues with fly tipping in the past but local MP Jon Cruddas has been responding quickly to concerns voiced to him by raising the issues with the council as and when they occur.

Jon said: "It's important that illegal fly-tipping is reported, especially when it is damaging our open green spaces. Over the past few weeks I have been contacted by many Rainham residents explaining that they were unhappy with the initial response to the issue. I will continue to keep pressure on Havering Council until the problem is fully resolved."

Last month Jon took residents' concerns to the Chief Executive of Havering Council who has confirmed that the issue on the field at Launders Lane in Rainham is currently receiving the attention of the police, Havering's Development Control service and Havering's StreetCare Services.

The local police are now keeping a regular surveillance of the area in the hope that those who have been committing illegal activity will refrain from doing so again. Any information gathered by the police is also being passed on to the council and the local environment agency.

Furthermore, there is on-going discussion surrounding CCTV surveillance in the affected area. The consideration for strategically placed, overt CCTV cameras to operate at the site is almost complete. The company feel the most appropriate surveillance would be cameras linked to ANPR, meaning vehicle's registration numbers will be obtained so as to help the issue across the borough.