MP hails victory for Coronavirus Compensation Scheme campaign

Tue, 04/28/2020 - 06:00
MP hails victory for Coronavirus Compensation Scheme campaign

The Government have announced that they will be paying £60,000 to families of NHS workers and social care staff who die from coronavirus. This comes after a cross-party campaign was launched by Layla Moran MP and backed by over 70 Members of Parliament. Jon Cruddas MP backed the campaign calling it "a needed move for those heroes putting their lives on the line.

The Coronavirus Compensation Scheme received backing from major newspapers The Daily Express and The Times. The campaign aimed to give the families of key workers who put their lives on the line the help from the Government that they deserve.

However, Jon Cruddas and Layla Moran, along with the cross-party group of MPs and 8000 members of the public who signed up to the campaign, have said that it must go further and look at covering funeral costs and pension benefits.

The letter outlines that the scheme should closely mirror the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and include a lumps sum, guaranteed income for the family, child payments to eligible children under 18 and a contribution towards funeral costs.

Jon who backed the cross-party initiative said:

"This is without a doubt a win for the cross-party campaign to introduce a Coronavirus Compensation Scheme. I was so proud to be one of the over 70 MPs to put my name to a cause I know will help those families who have tragically lost their loved ones.

"Since the start of the pandemic the Government have continually failed to provide adequate PPE to frontline NHS staff and carers. These frontline heroes are putting their lives on the line, and this is the least we can do for them. I am pleased that the Government have responded to our call to action."

Layla Moran MP who started the campaign said:

"I am so humbled that this campaign has gained support from Jon along with 70 other MPs, over 8000 members of the public, and two major newspapers. Now the Government has listened I hope this is at least a small piece of reassurance to the families of those brave front line workers.

"Now, the Government needs to go further. The scheme should include the families of all key workers - teachers and bus drivers for instance - who lose their lives on the frontline. The scheme should also match that given to the Armed Forces, covering pension benefits and funeral costs."