MP Demands For CCTV to Crack Down on Crime

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 05:00
MP Demands For CCTV to Crack Down on Crime

On Friday 8th of February Jon Cruddas MP and his Havering Coordinator Fay Hough met with Havering Council to discuss CCTV in South Hornchurch Ward, Rainham. Cherry Tree, Rainham has become a ?hotspot' for crime for many months now and Jon has been continuously contacted by constituents sharing their concerns for the area.

Havering's Chief Executive provided a briefing for Jon regarding the area in question which stated that in the past six months there have been 32 incidents reported. These incidents equate to one incident every 5-6 days, but the council still will not consider this area as a ?hotspot.'

The Borough's Housing Community Wardens have been dealing with reported ASB by groups of youths in Housing blocks near Cherry Tree and have used their body worn camera to capture images and identify the youths. This has been shared with police and tenancy officers.

The Community Wardens have increased their patrols of this estate housing location until 8:30pm. The police have also increased patrols and have access to the communal areas and following up leads.

Havering Council stated that there are currently no cameras at the junction of Cherry Tree Lane, Southend Road and Rainham Road. The only CCTV is at the back of a low-rise block of council flats halfway down Cherry Tree Lane towards the A13.

All the above information has been discussed at a Havering Tactical Enforcement Group Meeting attended by a range of enforcement services from both within the council and externally including the police. Havering Council informed Jon that the location of Cherry Tree, Rainham is ?on the radar' for monitoring and joint enforcement as required.

As part of the budget growth funding for CCTV in 2019/20 Havering Council's intention will be to purchase and install mobile CCTV cameras at key ASB hotspot locations. Despite the council not identifying Cherry Tree as an ASB hotspot, Jon Cruddas MP will push for CCTV to be installed at Cherry Tree using money from the budget growth funding.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "I will continue to monitor the situation at Cherry Tree, Rainham and continue to liaise with council officers/councillors to hopefully deliver a much more efficient approach to anti-social behaviour in the south of the borough."