MP continues campaign to keep free travel for young people

Wed, 07/15/2020 - 06:00
MP continues campaign to keep free travel for young people

16 London MPs, including Jon Cruddas have backed a campaign started by Virendra Sharma MP which calls on the Government to maintain free travel for children and young people in the capital.

In the letter to Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, the group of MPs wrote "We are deeply concerned by the Government's decision to suspend free travel for children and young people in London. Given the deleterious effects of the pandemic on the finances of Transport for London and London Borough Councils, central government must continue to provide free travel for children and guarantee their access to education.

At a time when the effects of the coronavirus public health crisis are still being felt disproportionately by London's children and young people, we believe that the Government should maintain free travel for London's under 18's, and urge you to reconsider your plans".

The letter in full can be found by clicking HERE

Jon Cruddas MP has fought against these proposals since they were announced by the Government. So far Jon has worked with Sadiq Khan to lobby the Prime Minister, Transport Secretary and has released a joint statement with local Leaders urging the Government to rethink the plans.

Jon said: "Young people have seen their apprenticeships cancelled and education curtailed, and we believe that they should not be subjected to any further harm. Without free travel, many will feel pressurised into travelling less and potentially missing out on school, college, work and training; not to mention sports, leisure and social activities which are crucial to their development and sense of self-worth. The Government must step up to its responsibilities and maintain free travel for our children and young people, and ensure that they can continue their education and extra-curricular activities".