On the 9th September, Jon Cruddas MP signed a cross-party letter to the Chinese Ambassador, Liu Xiaoming, condemning the oppression of the Uighurs.

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Currently in China, it is understood that over one million Uighur people are being detained and held in detention camps. The treatment the Uighur people are receiving in these camps has been compared to other historic totalitarian regimes. Footage released in July showed a large number of individuals blindfolded, kneeling and shaven, waiting to be loaded on to trains. Those who have escaped have given horrifying testimony of religious persecution, physical abuse and torture.

The accusations do not end here, with reports that Uighur women have faced forced sterilisation, forced abortion and forced removal of their wombs. This has supposedly led to a fall in birth rates by 60% in some Uighur areas.

Jon Cruddas MP has called on the Chinese Government to end this oppression and gross abuse of human rights immediately.

Jon Cruddas MP: "Some of the footage seen over the last few months has been absolutely harrowing. It is almost unbelievable that in the 21st century we are still seeing human rights abuses of this extreme nature. I have joined colleagues in writing to the Chinese Ambassador and have also called on the British government to do more to address this issue."