Mobility Gate Closure at Rainham C2C Station

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 05:00
Mobility Gate Closure at Rainham C2C Station

Over the past few weeks, Jon Cruddas has received several emails from Rainham residents raising concerns about the recent closure of the mobility gate/ramp at Rainham C2C station.

Residents have expressed concerns that many passengers, including disabled passengers and parents with buggies will not be able to access Rainham Station for the next month, whilst a new ramp is installed. Staff at Rainham station have been approached about the issue by residents, in which the staff have informed commuters to simply make other arrangements and avoid Rainham C2C station.

5 weeks is a long time for a mobility ramp not to be in use and this could cause problems for many who regularly access the station through the mobility entrance.

Jon Cruddas has contacted representatives of C2C and will keep residents fully updated on the situation.