Due to changes in the electoral registration system, around one million people will lose their democratic right to vote. Leaving them without a voice on how their country is governed. The conversion to the Individual Electoral Registration system takes place on 1st December, which means that those not registered by then will be unable to vote in the upcoming London mayoral elections and the EU referendum which is on the horizon.

The impact of the changes to the electoral register is set to be huge across Dagenham and Rainham. Currently there are 14,347 people who aren't registered to vote. There are over 4,000 new occupants in households across the area who are still yet to register. In Dagenham & Rainham we have many transient residents which relates to the amount of people moving in and out of the area, often on short term tenancies.

Jon Cruddas commented: "The Tories have rushed through changes to the electoral system, and now around 14,000 people are set to lose their votes locally. This is just unacceptable. There are major elections coming up next year, and soon we will be voting on whether Britain stays in the EU. If people aren't on the electoral register they will not be able to vote and have their say on upcoming issues, nationally or locally.

Much of our society is built on collective democratic rights, it is because of this that local MP Jon Cruddas is urging all local residents to register to vote. It's quick and easy – you can register in just five minutes by going to: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

The labour party is taking this issue very seriously, and has appointed Gloria De Piero MP as Shadow Cabinet Member for Voter Registration. Over the coming weeks, Jon Cruddas MP and the Dagenham and Rainham Labour party will be contacting all of the unregistered voters in the local area, ensuring that everybody has the chance to have their say in the coming elections.

If you are unsure if you registered to vote, please visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. It takes less than five minutes and you will need your national insurance number to hand.