Last year Jon Cruddas MP conducted a survey regarding the issue of parking on Melville Road where many residents had complained that commuters using Rainham Station were filling all of the parking spaces on the road. Following the survey Jon Cruddas contacted Havering Council about this issue and an informal consultation was put in place to find out how residents wanted the situation resolved.

Havering Council contacted Jon this week advising that there will be a formal consultation which is anticipated to be sent out to every resident by Friday 20th February.

The difficulties of the consultation results are that all proposals for new parking schemes have to follow a statutory legal process and require a concluding report. The hope is that these will be presented to the Council's Highways Advisory Committee in the near future as any plans must meet their approval to be implemented.

Jon commented: "The issue of commuter and resident parking issues was brought to my attention by local volunteers in the area and as the local MP I picked it up right away. I'm glad that after nearly a year of chasing this issue for the residents of Melville Road, we seem to be a step closer to resolving it. The formal consultation will go out to every resident of the road and I would urge all those that have had issues with parking to respond."