Magistracy Opportunity

Magistracy Opportunity

Jon Cruddas MP was recently contacted by the Mayors Office of LBBD Council in relation to an urgent need to recruit 250 new Magistrates across London. The justification for a lay Magistracy lies in its close links with the community it serves. The Magistracy should reflect that community as closely as possible. The Magistracy lacks applications from all sectors of society – notably younger people, people from all ethnic groups and people who are in work.

How could things be improved? 

The Lord- Lieutenant of London would like to improve that situation and has two main aims: 

  1. To spread the word across all communities that the Magistracy is about local justice; justice that is administered by peers; as well as informing people about how the Magistracy works and who can become a Magistrate. 
  2. To encourage applications to the Magistracy from as diverse and inclusive a population as possible. 

How could that happen?

In September and October, a series of 1 hour ‘Teams’ sessions will be set up and people interest from across London will be invited to attend the remoted session. The sessions will be informal and interactive and will comprise of a short presentation followed by questions and interactive discussions.

If you think you may have the skills, qualities and life experience to be a magistrate, you are invited to attend the remote session to learn more about the role. Invitees will not be expected to do any more than listen and do not require legal training. Most magistrates find it incredibly fulfilling and welcome the chance to give something back to the community.

For further details of the remote sessions, please reach out to Jon Cruddas MP’s office on or 02089847854.