LBBD Council have launched a ‘Save our Streets’ campaign in order to address the growing issue of potholes and road maintenance in the borough. Local residents who are fed-up with deteriorating road conditions are being called upon to sign the petition and support the campaign.

The aim of the petition is to pressure the government into investing more money in local highways maintenance. Currently local authorities receive small annual settlements which only cover immediate issues – the petition is also calling for local councils to receive a five year lump sum to be able to plan out large scale maintenance work.

You can find the petition here:

Barking and Dagenham Council is currently in the middle of a £6m Highways Improvement Programme that will see 59 roads resurfaced across the borough. However, there are many more streets under the council’s control which need to be completely re-surfaced.

Cllr Mick McCarthy, council Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “We do what we can with the limited resources available. For example, we are one year into our two years Highway Improvement Programme. However, there are many more roads that require attention. Unfortunately the financial support from central government is not enough to do the job.

“Our argument is that by investing more money in planned maintenance we can save money in the long run. This is because it’s more expensive to carry out a temporary repair to a pothole. You only have to come back and patch it again 12 months later, whereas a brand new road surface will last for years.

“The UK motorist makes a large contribution to the Treasury in the form of fuel duty and Vehicle Tax. I believe that this extra contribution should be recognised by increased investment in highways improvements – particularly back roads.

“I hope as many residents as possible will back the Save our Streets campaign and sign our petition.”

Jon Cruddas, the local MP for Dagenham and Rainham is in full support of this campaign and urges all local residents to get behind the council and sign the petition. “There have been many improvements in the past year throughout the borough, but for this to continue at a steady pace we need greater investment in local highways maintenance. Ultimately more investment from central government will improve safety conditions for local motorists and help to boost the image of the local area.”

The petition can be found here: Sign up for better road conditions!