Local services under threat

Jon Cruddas' monthly Barking and Dagenham Post column outlined the pressing issues that currently face the local area in terms of services.

"Over the past few weeks many announcements have been brought to my attention; The proposed privatisation of the Dagenham Heathway Post Office, the closure of the Hornchurch Fire Rescue Unit due to government cuts and most recently; the North East London Local Pharmaceutical Committee informed me of the damaging impact internet based companies are having on local pharmacies in both Barking & Dagenham and Havering.

"These attacks on our services are totally unacceptable and I will be doing all I can over the coming weeks and months to protect them from privatisation or closure. Services such as the Heathway Post Office and our local pharmacies have been used by generations of local residents and have become real anchors in the local community.

"Petitions have been raised for the Post Office, the Fire Rescue Unit and the fight against the local super-prison, all can be found on my website. I am urging local residents to make their voices heard by signing them. I am also actively encouraging the whole community to get behind the campaign to save our local pharmacies. I have said on many occasions, previous generations have fought and struggled for these services, and we owe it to them and to ourselves not to allow this continual erosion by the Coalition Government. We all helped save the Dagenham Police Station and that was in no small part down to the local people speaking up and fighting for their services.

"Last month I attended two public meetings regarding the possible privatisation of our Post Office and also the proposal to build a super-prison in Dagenham and Rainham. The local community made their voices heard and their views perfectly clear on both issues and I am in full support of them. We don't want to see a race to the bottom for the staff; we don't want to see diminished services, and we don't want a 2000 capacity prison on our doorstep. It is vital that we protect our local economy and emergency services and keep damaging proposals at bay.

"As for the Hornchurch Fire Rescue Unit closures; this is not the way to be implementing cuts. With closures across all of our frontline services – the NHS, Police and Fire service and the looming possibility of a super-prison we need to be sending a clear message to the government, enough is enough. I will continue to keep pressure on the people at the top ensuring that resident's views are listened to."

If anybody has any concerns or comments they would like to raise with Jon regarding the above issues you can write to the constituency office at:

Jon Cruddas MP, 50-52 New Road, Dagenham, Essex RM9 6YS