Justice Secretary, Jack Straw was out speaking to people in Dagenham with Jon Cruddas to hear about the strength of feeling around proposals to build a new prison in Dagenham.

Jon has campaigned against plans for a new 1,500 capacity facility since its announcement without local consultation. Since then Jon has had thousands of constituents sign his petition against the prison. Jack Straw said, "People are always apprehensive about the idea of a prison in their area".

Jon believes that the land can be used for developments to benefit the wider community and was glad that residents had a chance to put their views directly to the Government. Jon said, "I know there is a real pride in Dagenham and people want development that we can all take pride in. That's why it's right for the Government to think again and I hope Jack Straw will continue to listen to the real concerns that people have on this issue."