On May 17th 2018, local autism charity ‘The Sycamore Trust' released a statement regarding funding cuts implemented by Havering Council. Two of the trust's Wednesday night clubs had been told to ‘shut down immediately' after the local authority withdrew vital funding. Both youth clubs provided activities for children and young people with autism, and adults with learning difficulties.

Local parent campaigners/autism mum's Fay Hough and Ann-Marie Mummery have started an online petition asking Havering Council to restore funding to The Sycamore Trust after residents shared anger and frustration at the announcement.

The petition currently has over 200 signatures, and both Fay and Ann-Marie are appealing to the community for more.

Fay Hough, Rainham resident said: "It is vital that we obtain as many signatures as we can for Havering Council to listen to what we have to say. What has happened to The Sycamore Trust is just one example of local charities seeing their funding slashed. It seems whenever savings need to be made; vulnerable members of our community get hit the hardest. This really is upsetting to see."

If you would like to show your support, please click HERE and sign the petition.