Recent statistics have highlighted that the effect of the Bedroom Tax locally is set to increase. Local MP Jon Cruddas is in full support of the Labour Party's promise to abolish the hated ‘Tax'.

As of August 2014, 671 families in Dagenham and Rainham were paying the Bedroom Tax according to the Department of Work and Pensions statistics.

On average, the cost for people is set to be £3,800 per year across Dagenham and Rainham. In the region, there are a total of 22,290 people in social rented tenure. At least that amount of new people will become liable to the Bedroom Tax if the Conservatives are re-elected. All social tenants are at risk as well. A family can become liable if children leave or if someone occupying a room dies.

In April 2013, just before the Bedroom Tax was introduced, there were already 23,188 on the council housing waiting list in Barking & Dagenham and Havering, of whom 11,304 required one bed flats. The Bedroom Tax added to an already long waiting list. A DWP evaluation showed that 57% of claimants are cutting back on household basics but that only 4.5% had been able to move.

Jon Cruddas MP commented: "The Bedroom Tax is the most socially damaging piece of legislation in generations. When it was first introduced 1,216 people across Dagenham, Rainham, South Hornchurch and ElmPark were effected. 671 people are currently paying the Tory Bedroom Tax, this does not mean conditions have improved. The Bedroom Tax is pushing people out of the area because there is a shortage of one-bedroom properties.

"If the policy continues it will cost the people of Dagenham & Rainham £3,800 a year, this is not a small sum of money and will have huge impacts on living standards across the area. Labour have pledged to abolish the Bedroom Tax, a promise which I wholeheartedly support."