Charitable groups in Dagenham and Rainham add their voices to the chorus of critics attacking Government’s ‘charity tax’


Dagenham based charity The Osborne Partnership has this week joined forces with local MP Jon Cruddas to attack Government plans to tax charitable donations which are in excess of £50,000. 
The Chancellor George Osborne has come under heavy criticism locally for his announcement in last month’s budget that the Government would in future extract tax from large charitable donations. 
A spokesman for the Osborne Partnership, which is a small community based organisation which works with vulnerable adults, said he felt the move represented a “kick in the teeth” for the voluntary sector. 
He said; “Along with many other charities, the Osborne Partnership is dismayed at the government’s proposals to cap tax relief on major charitable donations including its effect on the claiming of Gift Aid.
“As a comparatively small charity whose core income has traditionally derived from the delivery of publicly funded service delivery contracts on behalf of our beneficiaries, we are already suffering the consequences of year on year cuts in public expenditure.
“One of our responses to this challenge has been to refocus our fundraising strategy towards charitable donations through our “Building a Brighter Future” campaign and, whilst at this stage, we can only dream of attracting single donations in excess of £50,000, as with many of our fellow charities, we feel that the government’s latest proposals represent another ‘kick in the teeth’ to the voluntary sector.
“And this comes at a time when the government claims to be championing the valuable contribution made by the nation’s charities as the corner stone of its “Big Society”.
“We would, therefore, urge the government to think again, not only about its latest proposals for capping tax relief on charitable donations, but about its attitude to the funding of the country’s charitable sector in general, both large charities and smaller grassroots community-based charities such as the Osborne Partnership.”
Local MP Jon Cruddas, a patron of the charity, also offered his support in attacking the tax-change. He said; “What this Tory-led Government is doing to charitable groups in our area is nothing short of a disgrace. It’s organisations like the Osborne Partnership which help the most vulnerable in our society, and which hold our communities together. 
“With the Government’s draconian cuts already biting, and funding quickly drying up, this sort of slap in the face is the last thing they need. This decision isn’t just unfair and unjust, it’s downright incompetent.”