This week in the wake of the A-Level results fiasco, Jon Cruddas MP contacted the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, voicing his concerns. Tens of thousands of young people were left let down and perturbed due to the Government grading system which caused the widespread downgrading of results.

There was some disparity across Dagenham and Rainham's results. Whilst a number of the schools in Dagenham and Rainham achieved high grades, others suffered a 50-60 percent downgrade in results. Jon Cruddas MP addresses this asking for answers as to why, with five months to plan, the Government had created a situation which left many young people feeling confused, disappointed, and full of uncertainty about their futures.

Reports suggest that almost 40 percent of grades were marked down. In addition to this, reports have highlighted that many students from disadvantaged backgrounds faced downgrading in their results whilst in comparison, students at independent schools saw a rise in top grades. This has the potential to push those who are already on the back foot in life, even further back.

Jon Cruddas MP called for the Secretary of State for Education to rethink and reform the grading system as a matter of urgency. With GCSE results also due next week, Jon states that this must be addressed, and a solution provided. You can find the full letter HERE

Jon said: "Whilst I congratulate those that were awarded their expected grades, I know there will be many feeling disappointed or let down by the system. That is why today I have written to the Education Secretary demanding that this monumental wrong be made right as a matter of urgency.

"The Government has had five months to sort this out, but it seems incoherence and total chaos have become the norm for the Tory administration. GCSE grades are due next week and if this is not addressed, we run a real risk of stunting the social mobility of a generation."