Learning Disability Week

13-22nd June

The week commencing the 13th June is Learning Disability Week. It is dedicated to supporting local residents who have any personal experience with learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities encompass many different situations such as understanding new information, learning new skills and coping independently. Individuals faced with and caring for those with such disabilities will hopefully benefit from the week and its events. It is important to give all people in the community similar opportunities and this week will promote this.

Dagenham and Rainham fully support this week and are holding many local events. The local area recognises learning disabilities to effect people not only in a school environment and so want to raise awareness of the help that is available through events during the week. All people can get involved in the wide range of opportunities during the week. Over 20 events have been arranged in different areas.

MP for Dagenham and Rainham Jon Cruddas fully supports this week and feels it is highly important in helping the community come together in recognising learning disabilities.

He states:

"Dagenham and Rainham have organised many interesting events to raise awareness of learning disabilities"

"to have so many opportunities for the community to get involved will have a positive effect on the understanding of such disabilities"

"It is important for our community to come together and aid people in any way we can and weeks such as this one do this well"

General events taking place will include the ‘Big Red Bus' event which teaches people with a learning disability how to use public transport safely, Learning Disability Information stalls in both King George and Queens Hospitals, as well as an Arts and Drama group and an Elvis and Abba Theme Night.

More specific events taking place include, 5-a-side football tournaments, a sponsored walk, cooking dinner for under 500 calories, zumbathon, learn to make a curry in a hurry, tag triathlon, fat free baking and many more. For more information on how the borough is getting involved follow the link below: