LBBD Women's Empowerment Month

LBBD Women's Empowerment Month

March is Women’s Empowerment Month in Barking and Dagenham, highlighting the important contribution that women and girls make within the community.

Barking and Dagenham have a strong history of powerful and influential women. From Elizabeth Fry, who campaigned for prison reform in Victorian England and the oldest surviving suffragette Annie Clara Huggett, to the Ford Strike of 1968 where the women machinists at Dagenham Ford’s strike action led to the passing of the equal pay act in 1970.

Barking and Dagenham council will be holding a series of events. There will be a raising the Women’s empowerment flag and a female cabinet member panel discussion on Wednesday 1st March at 12pm. Marianne - The Movie will be showing at the Broadway Theatre on Thursday 9th March, with free tickets for all members of the public. The social media campaign Pen to Print, will highlight influential women writers throughout the whole of March.

There will also be a Women’s Empowerment Month award ceremony on the 28th March, representing women who have positively influenced the borough’s rich heritage of women who have stood for equality and women’s rights.

You can also sign up and support the Gender Equality Charter. Barking and Dagenham council set this up March 2016, with over 160 organisations and residents pledging their support to the charter. Sign up here:

Jon Cruddas MP commented “Barking and Dagenham have a proud history of strong working-class women, who have positively influenced the borough and national gender equality throughout the years. I am looking forward to seeing who has been nominated for the Women’s empowerment awards at the end of the month which is always an excellent event.

We have made significant progression for women’s rights and gender equality in recent years however, we still have a long way to go in making sure all areas within our society are equal for everyone.”

LBBD Women’s Empowerment events: