Last week of consultations regarding Dartford Charging Scheme and Enforcement Regulations

In November 2012 the Department for Transport proposed two schemes regarding the payment system for the Dartford toll crossing. The schemes work together to bring a Congestion Charge style of payment following use of the crossing, the schemes are still undergoing consultation and invite local residents and frequent users of the crossing to have their say.

The idea is to decrease the amount of traffic build up and introduce a free flowing system to the Dartford crossing.

The ‘Charging Scheme Order’ is being led by the Highways Agency and is a chance for local residents, authorities, businesses and emergency services to comment on proposals to give drivers options to pay the charge after they have used the crossing, and the proposed enforcement measures that would be used under free-flow when it comes into effect.

The ‘Enforcement Regulations’ is being run by the Department for Transport and is aimed at possible charging authorities which would include local authorities and the Highways Agency. It aims to collect views on how road user charges should be enforced, ahead of free-flow being introduced at Dartford.

Both consultations have been open since November 2012 and are open until Monday 28th January 2013.

To find out more about the consultations for each scheme and how to have your say see below.


Road User Charging Schemes (Enforcement) Regulations

A282 Trunk Road (Dartford – Thurrock Crossing Charging Scheme) Order


The Charging Scheme Order consultation documents are also available for the public at Dartford Borough Council and Thurrock Council offices for the duration of the consultation period.