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Labour defeats the BNP across Barking and Dagenham

The electoral drubbing dished out to the BNP by the people of Barking and Dagenham is something for us all to celebrate and be proud of our borough for.

A number of different campaigns were run across the borough led chiefly by the two local Labour MPs in Barking and Dagenham. Also Hope not Hate mobilised thousands of activists to take action with various groups across the local community taking a stand to reject the poisonous politics of the BNP.

Now that the election results have been fully digested its interesting to analyse the results by ward by ward. The Labour vote was consistent across both constituencies, which show that regardless of different political messages, the people of the borough responded to the different strategies by voting in comparable numbers for Labour to defeat the BNP. In Dagenham the average Labour vote in each ward was 2147 while in Barking it was 2198 per ward.

The wards that returned the largest Labour majorities over the BNP were Gascoigne, River, Becontree, Village and Thames. The only wards that had a majority of less than a 1000 over the BNP were in their former strongholds of Goresbrook, Mayesbrook and Valence.

There was no silver bullet to take on the BNP but the details of the campaign led by Jon Cruddas and Dagenham Labour can be read in more detail here.