Kellogg's Breakfast Club Grants Programme

Breakfast club
Kellogg's Breakfast Club Grants Programme

This week, Jon Cruddas MP was contacted by Kellogg's to inform him that their Breakfast Club grants programme for Schools has reopened this week.

Breakfast Clubs are critical for many schools, with research from Kellogg's finding that 60 percent of teachers think they help children settle before class. A further 97% of teachers agree on the importance of having something to eat in the morning before school, especially when getting back into a routine after the summer holidays.

Kellogg's are offering grants of £1000 to school breakfast clubs in the constituency to help them provide breakfast to those children who need it most. Priority for the grants are given to schools that have 35% and above of children in receipt of pupil premium funding. You can see if you are eligible and apply for the grant here.

Jon Cruddas MP: "I strongly encourage schools in my constituency to see if they are eligible for the grant. The grant can be used by schools to invest in any aspect of their breakfast clubs, from equipment and food to volunteer pay and learning materials.

Breakfast clubs are invaluable to many children who come from homes that are unable to provide that safe space and food in the morning."