Jon Cruddas MP has signed the e-petition calling for a debate on the future of 54 Remploy factories in the UK.
Remploy are the largest and oldest employer of disabled people in Britain and was established after World War II to provide employment for injured servicemen and women. It continues to provide sustainable employment for men and women returning from active service.
Government funding for the factories runs out in April 2013.
Jon Cruddas MP said:
“Remploy do amazing work. It is not easy for disabled people to find work but it is better for society as a whole and for those individuals who gain work through Remploy that they continue to be employed in this way.  Closing these factories would not only be wrong but economically unsound. Throwing a whole load of people onto benefit is not the way to bring down the deficit. That can only be done by keeping people in work.
“If you have not already signed please click here to show your support.”