This weekend saw the Olympic torch pass through the constituency of Dagenham and Rainham which accompanied Dagenham's annual town show. The event proved unforgettable with many roughly 85,000 people lining the streets and a further 20,000 at the Town show, getting the unique opportunity to see Britain's Got Talent stars Diversity run the torch onto the stage. As always the Town Show did not disappoint as acts such as Lemar wowed the crowd all day.  

Jon Cruddas had this to say about the event: 
"I thoroughly enjoyed the Dagenham Town show and it was an honour to see the Olympic torch pass through our town. It was great to see so many local acts on stage and the performances were brilliant. The support was also outstanding with people of all ages attending to support the community. There is always an overwhelming community spirit in Dagenham and Rainham and London 2012 has further enhanced this. Thank you to everyone who attended and also to those who organised the event."