Jon Cruddas MP Visits Cory Incinerator

Fri, 04/26/2019 - 06:00
Jon Cruddas MP Visits Cory Incinerator

On Thursday 25 April Jon Cruddas MP met with Cory Environmental Holdings Ltd on site at the current waste incineration plant in Belvedere, Bexley to discuss their planning application to build a second mass waste incinerator.

In September 2018 Jon launched a campaign and petition against the proposals as a response to numerous reports highlighting there would be detrimental impacts on human health and biodiversity across the south of his constituency.

Jon commented: "it was good to meet with representatives from Cory today. They provided many assurances in answer to some of my concerns. However, numerous reports particularly from the GLA, still highlight that air quality across the Rainham area will take a hit if this application is approved. The visit also raised questions about how this development fits in with the reorientation of waste management in London."

The biggest concern regarding emissions is the level of harmful Nitrous Oxide (NOx) which is produced during the Energy from Waste process. The GLA states that these emissions are detrimental to human health and biodiversity and impacts would be widespread across Rainham.

Environmental directives stipulate a maximum safe level of 200 mg/Nm (3) Nitrous Oxide per day. The current site produces slightly under that but if the neighbouring facility is approved collective emissions will be 290 mg/Nm(3) Nitrous Oxide.

Jon explained: "we could clearly see Dagenham Dock, South Hornchurch and Rainham from the plant and they agreed that the prevailing wind direction was towards my constituency. I relayed resident's frustration that the south of the constituency has historically been used as a dumping ground for London's unwanted projects such as landfill ? highlighting that our environment has taken quite a hit over the years."

Jon's campaign will ensure that resident concerns are represented at every stage of the Planning Inspectorate examination period. Part of this representation will be a written report including a petition. Following this Jon will be taking the petition to government, who has the final say on the application. Sign here:

Jon Cruddas MP added: "air quality and the environment are high on the national agenda and if the UK is to achieve a net-zero carbon economy the government needs to stop approving environmentally damaging forms of energy production. This isn't a done deal ? that's why I'm urging residents to sign the petition, helping me send a strong message to the Secretary of State."