A few weeks ago Jon visited Brady Primary School and attended their daily Breakfast Club. This club has been going on for a long period now and provides children with a great start to the day with a healthy meal and the ability to use the computers in the IT suite. The club had been at threat of finishing due to the costs involved but we are grateful to say that Tesco have stepped in and provided the school with £750 worth of vouchers to continue the club for the foreseeable future.

The Head teacher Tom Timothy added: "I would like to thank Tesco's for their support. We are hugely grateful and appreciative of the vouchers which while enable us to continue the Breakfast Club. Our school caters for 208 pupils of which roughly 40 students attend every morning. The club is run by volunteers who arrive at 8am and prepare everything and clean up when the club finishes at 8.45.

This club has had an extremely positive impact on our students and after 4 years of running the club interest and numbers are still increasing. Students who attend Breakfast club tend to settle down and learn much better".

This club is a great way of supporting struggling families in tough times, some of which would struggle to provide a healthy breakfast themselves. Well done to Brady Primary School and Tom Timothy for running such a brilliant scheme.