Jon Cruddas MP has been contacted by numerous woman who are set to be affected by accelerated changes to women’s state pension age. Jon has supported the WASPI campaign from the beginning, and last year the local MP wrote out to thousands of women born in the 1950s who are s­­­et to be effected by the government’s shambolic handling of the ‘equalisation of state pension age’.  

Jon commented:“The decision to accelerate the transition period pulled the rug out from under thousands of women’s feet leaving them little time to plan for their new circumstances.” 

The WASPI Campaign is extremely active and represents thousands of woman who are impacted by the new pension plans. 

The Labour Party has previously announced plans to slow or reverse the changes if they come into power. Alongside their commitment to extend Pension Credit to hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable women, Labour are also exploring options for further transitional protections, to ensure that all these women have security and dignity in older age. 

Jon Cruddas MP added;“the recent Budget completely failed to address this issue and it is no surprise that WASPI campaigners protested during the Chancellor’s address. This week I will be writing to Philip Hammond urging a much needed policy change.” 

In the coming weeks and months Jon Cruddas MP will be meeting with local women to set up a Dagenham and Rainham WASPI Campaign Group. If you are interested in joining, please contact Jon’s Office on 020 8984 7854.