The Barking & Dagenham Progress Project, a local charity, have launched a public awareness campaign in an attempt to clamp down on spitting in the street across the borough. The issue was discussed and acted upon by the charity's Young People’s Development Forum – a group where young people with disabilities get the opportunity to voice their opinion.,The campaign has also been supported by Green Shoes Arts, a community based arts project that helps provide local children and young people with creative opportunities. Green Shoes helped shoot the video. You can learn more about The Barking and Dagenham Progress Project and the other work they do by clicking HERE

The campaign is starting to gain momentum, with Children In Need and The Big Lottery Fund both supporting it alongside the council. The next stage of the campaign is to promote an information video titled: Don't Spit It, Don't Spread It, Don't Catch It!

The hope is that young people across the borough and in the wider area will see the video and understand the dangers of transmitting disease via spitting in the streets.

Jon Cruddas MP commented: "The work that is being put into this campaign by The Barking and Dagenham Progress Project and and all of the groups involved is inspiring. Spitting is a very real issue that is often overlooked. There are some major health concerns involved and I think that the people at Green Shoes Arts have done a fantastic job at highlighting the issue in the video."

Watch the video on YouTube by clicking here: