Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham has recently handed his support to the campaign currently being run by North East London Local Pharmaceutical Committee (NELLPC). The campaign has been launched to highlight a recent growth in internet based prescription services, which could be potentially damaging to local pharmaceutical services.

North East London Local Pharmaceutical Committee has issued an 8 booklet package promoting a wide range of professional services offered by pharmacists. The booklets will be distributed across the borough of Barking and Dagenham. Its purpose is to support the wider health agenda, support local businesses and the people they employ and raise awareness to the range of pharmacy services available locally. 

Current statistics show that there are 47 pharmacies in the borough of Havering, which are opened seven days per week including evenings. Employing approximately 282 people and serving 25,850 people within the area. Meanwhile there are 38 pharmacies in the borough of Barking and Dagenham. Employing 228 people, and serving 20,900 local people per day. These figures show how dependable local residents are on the service that the local pharmacies provide.

However, there has been a significant increase in the numbers of prescriptions that have been ordered via internet based pharmaceutical companies. It is important in the interest of local services that that we make use of the expert advice and services available across the local area.  

Jon commented:

“Local pharmacies play an integral role in both the local economy and the local community, often providing a vital boost for surrounding small business which is something we should be encouraging.

“Local pharmacies provide prescription services, support, information and a wide range of professional healthcare services. I am urging local residents of both Barking and Dagenham and Havering to move away from internet based companies that are often located outside the area, and to support their local pharmacies who also offer delivery service.

“In a time of economic uncertainty and looming privatisation it is now more than ever we need to be supporting and protecting our local services.”

Local pharmacies not only cater to local people who are in need; but they also contribute to the economy. They do this by providing apprenticeship opportunities to help local people build expert skills and gain experience. This scheme greatly improves the diversity of jobs on offer in local areas. Currently local pharmacies in the North East London area are looking for over 120 new apprentices, training and moulding potential candidates who will later be able to seek employment in the pharmaceutical industry.