An appeal is being made on Thursday 17th December by Ingrebourne Valley Ltd to push through the earlier rejected and opposed plans to extend landfill and build a processing plant on the greenbelt at Ingrebourne Hill in Rainham and South Hornchurch. Jon Cruddas MP, on behalf of the local residents has submitted the below statement for consideration at the hearing.

"Over the past few weeks I have been contacted by many of my constituents regarding proposals to extend the landfill site at Ingrebourne Hill and build a processing plant on greenbelt land. I want to make it clear to the council that I am in full support of the residents, and am opposed to any plans that endanger the borough’s green spaces. The area is one of the few green spaces left in the borough and as such we should be looking to preserve it, not increase landfill.

"This is yet another example of local residents in South Havering being overlooked. The proposal has already been rejected in the past on the grounds that it would have a negative impact on the surrounding area. The extra noise pollution, rubble, dust, mud and traffic will have an adverse effect on the local community, and will do nothing to increase the appeal of the area or the air quality.

"From what I have seen of this situation it has been handled in a very underhand way. It was originally thought that this was an appeal from Ingrebourne Valley Ltd against the earlier decision to stop them using dumped waste to merge Ingrebourne Hill and Hornchurch Country Park. However it has now come to light that the company is proposing development on a large scale over a 66 acre site. New plans include a processing plant which was not part of the original proposal that was rejected – so I would like some clarification on this issue.

"It has also been raised that there are special circumstances regarding increased traffic on Rainham Road should the plans go ahead. I.e. La Salette School on the corner of Dovers Corner and the pedestrian crossing outside it. A lorry every few minutes which is the suggested frequency of traffic, will inevitably lead to a rise in the number traffic jams that already take place there. This could also pose an increased risk to school children in the area at peak times.

"As the local Member of Parliament it is my job to represent the views and opinions of my constituents. So on behalf of the residents I would ask that the council opposes the appeal, taking into consideration the negative impact it will have on the community."