Jon speaking at last year's annual volunteer breakfast

Following the success of last year’s breakfast morning and the growing numbers of active volunteers in Jon’s community network, he has decided to once again host a thank-you event. The event will be held on Friday 12th July in recognition of all the sterling work his volunteer network has done throughout the year to make the local community a better, stronger and safer place. 

Jon Cruddas explains that: “The main aim of the volunteer network is to have a volunteer on every street in order to help vulnerable members of the community and close the gaps that the government’s spending cuts are creating. It is encouraging to see so many local residents getting involved, providing an ‘early warning system’ that can help bring local issues to the attention of politicians, local authorities and voluntary groups.
“I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank-you to all of my volunteers who have really made an enormous impact on the local community.”
Here in Dagenham and Rainham local MP Jon Cruddas has been building a vast network of volunteers. Over the course of the last year the volunteer network has increased to over 1500 local residents offering to help from all over the constituency. So far over 200 of these volunteers help out on a regular basis and this number is constantly growing.
Volunteers attending the breakfast morning can expect a talk by Jon, followed by a Q&A session on the local community and how we can work together to improve the area. There will also be tea, coffee, unlimited toast and a variety of homemade jams produced locally in Dagenham.
One of the main roles of Jon’s volunteers is to provide a vital ‘street level’ contact with the local community, delivering surveys and newsletters that address crucial local issues such as; crime and anti-social behaviour, the local NHS and they also call for residents to raise any issues that might have otherwise been overlooked.
Throughout the year Jon’s volunteers have been involved in many activities including:
Helping out in the constituency office with general admin and phone calls.
Newsletter stuffing and distribution.
Volunteers regularly help with the organisation of Jons advice surgeries.
Doing regular walk-abouts in their streets to report local issues.
Volunteers helped publicise the Save Dagenham Police Station campaign by collecting signatures for the petition.
Currently volunteers are helping campaign on their streets to fight against the Beam prison proposals.
A number of Jon’s volunteers have also gone on to find full-time employment after gaining experience in the office.
Jon is currently running a constituency wide campaign to fight against the recent proposals to build a prison at Beam Reach. This campaign has brought with it many volunteering opportunities and anyone wishing to get involved should contact Andrew Achilleos for more details on: 020 8593 1555 or via email at: