Jon Cruddas MP highlights local concerns about new District Line trains

New trains have already been introduced on Hammersmith & City Lines

New stock in the form of upgraded trains is set to arrive on the District line this year. This new investment is a very positive move for London Transport and the areas through which the District line passes. However Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham highlights the possible down side to the arrival of new trains.

The new trains are designed on a through carriage system, having no dividing doors between carriages. The main concern is that this could lead to an increase in crime on the line especially in areas where stops are far apart. The District line runs through Jon’s constituency of Dagenham and Rainham and the distance between Dagenham East and Elm Park is one of the longest on the whole line. Many concerns have been raised by constituents suggesting that the new design could put commuters and local residents at a higher risk of crime than they were subject to on the old trains.

Jon Cruddas MP is currently in consultation with the Transport Minister along with Transport for London and the London Mayor, Boris Johnson in order to come to a beneficial agreement. The new investment is a great thing for the District line as it will breathe fresh life into the London Underground as it celebrates its 150th year in service. The goal is to have increased security measures introduced between Dagenham East and Elm Park stations in the form of; Improved CCTV operations and transport police presence.

Jon Cruddas MP commented on the new trains: “I have seen the plans for the new trains and they look very impressive and are a vast improvement in many respects. However I cannot help but think in the best interests of my constituents, highlighting the down side to the new investment.

“The distance between Dagenham East and Elm Park is one of the longest on the line and many local residents have voiced their concern that open carriages will increase the possibility of crime such as muggings. This is a huge concern as passenger safety should be paramount.”

Over the coming weeks Jon Cruddas will be launching a campaign in his constituency of Dagenham and Rainham to find out what local residents think about the proposed upgrades. The idea is to use the results to find out the main concerns of the public and how best to progress in the interests of local public transport users.

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