You may have seen my column in February calling out Romford MP Andrew Rosindell for sharing appalling right wing material on social media in an assault on London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The Tories in the Town Hall are following in their MP’s footsteps, and are being called out by the national media, and MPs from their own party.

The material in question was a leaflet delivered to every house in Squirrels Heath ward as part of the Tory local election campaign. A leaflet full of ‘dog whistle racism’ with references to ‘keeping Havering special’, and stopping Havering from becoming like an ‘inner city area’ referencing Barking, Newham, and Hackney.

The Tories are once again trying to stoke up division in our community through the politics of fear. There is no place for antics like this, and I hope that the Conservative leadership takes this up and disciplines those responsible. On a practical note, the leaflet isn’t only divisive, it is an extreme attempt to shift the buck.

Let’s be clear for the record about what’s really putting Havering ‘in danger’, and it isn’t someone sitting in City Hall, or anyone from the opposition benches in Parliament. It’s down to the current Tory-led council, and an opposition that doesn't hold them to account.

The council hasn’t been held to account for their plans to concrete over the south of Havering, they haven’t been pulled up on their poor management of schools in the borough, and they’ve been allowed to hike council tax year on year unchallenged. 

It’s time for change, it’s time for people to stand up to the politics of fear, and it’s time for a unified Labour opposition in the Town Hall.

Havering Deserves Better.