Jon Cruddas MP – World Autism Awareness Day


Today marks the sixth annual World Autism Awareness Day. The day is celebrated every year by autism organisations around the world launching awareness raising and unique fundraising events.

Jon Cruddas MP has done much work to support organisations associated with autism over the years, supporting local charities and taking issues to the highest levels of government in their support. Jon is also the Patron of ‘Act Now For Autism’ – Act Now For Autism is a core group of people passionate about the future and well-being of children and adults with autism and associated conditions in the UK. The group is currently campaigning against certain aspects of the Welfare Reform Bill and the impact that a changeover to Universal Credit and PIP will have.

Dagenham and Rainham has two main groups that aim to support the needs of families and carers who have children with autism.

Romford Autistic Group Support (RAGS) was founded in 2003 by a group of parents with autistic children, it was initially founded as a place where parents could come and socialise with their children. In 2009 the group became a registered charity and since then has expanded into an expansive organisation that seeks to support and train those who care for children with autism. For more information visit their website:

Parents of Autistic Children Together (PACT) operates throughout Barking and Dagenham and also stretches into parts of Havering and Redbridge. The group was established as a response to the lack of provision in this part of London/Essex for those with autism. They currently provide a range of services and run many programmes; such as workshops, conferences, practical support with speech and communication difficulties, parent support groups and advice/assistance concerning welfare benefit. For more information visit their website:

Jon Cruddas has liaised with both local groups in the past and has done much to support people affected by the disorder nationally. In 2011 Jon showed his support for the Education and Training (Young People with Autism) Bill. Unfortunately the Bill failed to gain momentum and did not make it through Parliament.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham commented: “These organisations do a fantastic job, playing a vital role in the local community and providing people with unique opportunities and support. I am proud to be a part of Act Now For Autism and fully support their work. World Autism Awareness Day is a great way to highlight the need to help improve the lives of both children and adults who suffer from the disorder.”