King of Kings Tabernacle (KKT), a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, has announced that they are partnering with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to launch a debt-counseling program in Dagenham. CAP is an award-winning charity that counsels people of all faiths on how to get rid of debt and achieve financial stability. As Britain moves out of its longest-ever recession, CAP's services are important for anyone in difficult times. The service is completely free and is not religiously restricted to any particular faith. Anyone who feels that they would benefit from the debt counseling is encouraged to reach out.

Local MP Jon Cruddas fully supports the efforts of KKT and CAP in helping people tackle their debt. The people of Dagenham and Rainham have been hit hard by the recession and the failed economic policies of the current government, making the service CAP provides an unfortunate necessity in the Borough. CAP aims to help people recover from the hardships of the past years. Jon has looked at the successful past work of CAP and encourages his constituents to consider seeking their services.

To book an appointment with CAP, please call 0800 328 0006. Or go to to learn more or request a call from CAP.

Jon commented: "CAP is performing an important service in this community. Uncontrollable debt is not a situation that anyone wants to be in, but CAP can help to alleviate some of the strain. The borough along with the rest of London is currently facing a cost-of-living crisis and I would encourage any of my constituents who are in hard times to reach out to CAP and see whether the program is right for them."