The recent purchase of land at Ingrebourne Hill from the council has led to the extension of the existing waste fill site, which residents opposed at the time of its introduction. Residents and politicians from the community were sceptical of the land changing hands to Ingrebourne Valley Ltd from the start due to it being one of few untouched green spaces in the local area.

Residents are becoming increasingly worried about the extension and have been contacting local MP Jon Cruddas airing their concerns. The latest concern is that other councils waste will be brought to the facility in Rainham, bolstering the growing public opinion that Dagenham and Rainham is the ‘dumping' ground for Central London. Local residents have contacted Jon asking that the plans are overturned.

Jon Cruddas has opposed the proposals of extending the waste site since they were put forward stating: "I have been contacted by many residents now that work has started on the site, and I will continue to raise these concerns with the council and Ingrebourne Valley Ltd, the company responsible for extending several of these sites across Havering.

"In the coming months I will look to liaise with the partners involved to ensure that the works have as little impact as possible on the surrounding community. Amidst a recent spate of poor decisions in the south of the borough it seems that the residents have been overlooked again by Having Council. Moving forward all we can do is ensure that the site meets all necessary guidelines and does not impact upon the rest of the park. I will continue to do all I can to hold the council to account and address any issues or concerns raised about the site."