The recent purchase of land at Ingrebourne Hill from the council in November has lead to the plan of extending an existing waste fill site. Residents and politicians from the community where skeptical of the land changing hands to Ingrebourne Valley Ltd from the start due to it being one of few untouched green spaces in the local area. It seems worries have been confirmed as plans are set to increase the land-fill site so far as to link with Hornchurch Country Park.

In response to this Jon Cruddas MP, and local residents are handing in a petition to Sir Edward Lister at City Hall opposing the plans.

Recently Jon Cruddas stated:

"The decision made by Havering council back in November 2011 was very unpopular at the time, and I opposed the initial proposals to extend the Ingrebourne Hill waste site. I have been contacted by many residents now that work has started on the site and I will be raising these concerns with the council and Ingrebourne Valley Ltd, the company responsible for extending several of these sites across Havering.

I can't say I'm surprised that the works are being pushed through just a week after the local elections, despite the local protest against the plans in 2012, it seems that the residents have been overlooked again by Having Council. Moving forward all we can do is ensure that the site meets all necessary guidelines and does not impact upon the rest of the park, or the surrounding area. I will be doing all I can to hold the council to account and address any issues or concerns raised about the site in the coming weeks and months."

A spokesman for Havering Council explained only inert material that does not decompose and is not reactive (such as sand and concrete) will be used. They said the hill would "provide a more interesting long-term leisure environment for residents," expressing no loss of parkland will occur.The first pre-planning consultation work started on May 27 and will end on June 10. There has been a meeting set up that the public can attend on June 13 for further information surrounding the proposed extension. It will take place at St Johns Church in South End Road, Rainham from 4pm to 7pm.