World Cancer Day 2022

World Cancer Day 2022
World Cancer Day 2022

This week Cancer Research UK contacted Jon Cruddas MP regarding a drop in event that they will be hosting in Parliament on 2nd February ahead of World Cancer Day which falls on Friday 4th February. This will be in recognition of their 20th Anniversary of raising awareness of Cancer and taking action to tackle the disease. 

Jon Cruddas has been a long-time supporter of cancer charities and is focused on increasing the amount of research done in his constituency. In Barking and Dagenham, 350 local people pass away as a result of breast cancer each year. Jon regularly meets with the local NHS trust and is working with them to address the low level of cancer screening across his constituency.

The drop-in event has been set up to better inform Parliamentarians on the progress that has been made thus far and urge them to commit to working with Cancer Research UK to accelerate their projects in years to come.

Furthermore, Unity Bands will soon be available across the country, and every band sold will mean more funds for life-saving research. The Labour MP for Dagenham and Rainham is encouraging his constituents to purchase and proudly wear these bands as a visible symbol of the strength of support for the fight against cancer.

Jon said: “I have always supported the fantastic work of cancer charities such as Cancer Research UK, the statistics now say that 1 in 2 people will experience cancer in their lifetime and more simply must be done to improve treatment. There is a low uptake of screening in my constituency, and I think this is true in many of the more deprived areas in the country – I am constantly calling for better access to screening and will continue working with the local NHS to develop their service offer for local people.”

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