Wennington Village Extraction Plans Consultation

Wennington Village Extraction Plans Consultation

Jon Cruddas MP has been contacted by many residents within Rainham and Wennington over the past few months regarding proposals to establish a Gravel and Mineral Extraction site on East Hall Farm in the heart of Wennington.

Havering Aggregates Limited, the company behind the proposals, are hosting a public exhibition of its planning application proposals for the site. The exhibition will be held at The Church of St Mary & St Peter, Wennington Road, in Wennington between 9:30am and 5pm on Saturday 1st February.

The exhibition is open to anyone who wishes to see the proposals and there will be representatives from Havering Aggregates on site to discuss and answer questions. Havering Aggregates have suggested that following this consultation possible changes may be made to the proposals.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "Every person who has contacted me regarding this proposal is of the same opinion. We don't want it and we don't need it. I am concerned that if these plans are given the go ahead the whole of Wennington will be changed.

"Residents expressed to me that if these proposals are given the go ahead by Havering Council, everyday life in Wennington will become a nightmare. Wennington is a beautiful village and I want it kept that way. I would urge everyone who is interested in these proposals to attend and make your opinion heard."

If you haven't already signed Jon's petition against these proposals please find the link below.