Unemployed Claimant Count March 2021

Unemployed Claimant Count March 2021

The number of unemployed claimants in Dagenham and Rainham constituency in March 2021 was 6,925. This represents a rate of 9.9% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64. The equivalent UK claimant rate was 6.5%.

There are 4190 more claimants than in March 2020 before the UK lockdown began and 120 more claimants than February 2021.

Figures are not seasonally adjusted and are rounded to the nearest five. "Unemployed claimants" include people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance or who are claiming Universal Credit and are required to seek work.

Long term trends

The unadjusted claimant count is currently not a good indicator of long- term trends in the number of people looking for work. It does however provide us with a measure of how the number of claimants has changed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The adjusted alternative claimant count is updated on a quarterly basis.

The ongoing impact of coronavirus on Universal Credit

Under Universal Credit, a broader spectrum of people are required to look for work than under Jobseeker's Allowance. This has the effect of increasing the number of unemployed claimants. In addition to this, as part of the government's response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), a number of enhancements were introduced to Universal Credit. Consequently, whilst some of the increase in the unemployed claimant count will be due to people who have become unemployed, some will also be due to employed people who have become eligible for Universal Credit as part of the government response to Coronavirus.

Jon Cruddas MP: "Although the Furlough scheme has been a lifeline for many residents across Dagenham and Rainham, it has not been without its flaws. As lockdown eases it is vital that we have proper support structures in place to protect the most financially vulnerable, and those now facing job insecurity. We are not out of the woods yet and the government lacks a clear vision to rebuild our country. I will be working hard alongside Labour colleagues in Parliament and with services across the constituency to ensure that areas like ours have the resources needed to truly build back better."