UK Wind Energy Week

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UK Wind Energy Week

This week (June 26th-July 2nd) marks UK Wind Energy Week.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham was invited to attend a Wind Energy Week reception hosted by RenewableUK. While unable to attend, Jon still wishes to show his support for wind energy and removal of the blocks placed by the Conservative government on the expansion of onshore wind energy in the United Kingdom.

For over 13 years the Conservatives have failed to invest in renewable energies, despite its capacity to, not only, build a greener future for Britain, but improve job stability and the high cost of living.

RenewableUK state that onshore wind energy has the capability to support nearly 100,000 jobs in the UK by 2030. On average, jobs in the green economy are 1.7x more productive than the national average, paying significantly more.

The Labour Party has announced its support of onshore wind energy and other renewable energies, with plans of doubling onshore wind capacity, tripling solar capacity, and quadrupling offshore wind capacity to turn Britain into a clean energy superpower by 2030.

Jon Cruddas MP: “Onshore wind is a key part of decarbonising the UK’s energy system – and even has the potential to bring down energy bills for consumers because of its low cost. I will do all I can to support onshore wind and ensure these changes are realised.”