Swim England Survey

England Swims
Swim England Survey

England Swims, a new national campaign has been launched by Swim England, the governing body for swimming. The aim of the campaign is to encourage those from ethnically diverse communities to give their views and experiences of aquatics – helping to make water-based activities more accessible for everyone.

The survey is live at https://englandswims.swimming.org/ from Tuesday 24 May to Tuesday 21 June.

A spokesperson for Swim England said: “By completing the survey, local communities have the opportunity to improve access to pools and be a part of a positive change in the water. The results will significantly shape the future of the sector and Swim England’s next 10-year strategy, which will be our most ambitious yet in terms of increasing diversity in the water.”

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham commented: “This is an ambitious project to make water-based sport and activity more inclusive, and something I wholeheartedly support. I would encourage everyone to take part in the survey; those who can swim but choose not to, those who cannot swim, and those who already enjoy swimming in the constituency on a regular basis.”

In the last five years the percentage of the population in Barking and Dagenham who regularly swim has fallen by over 10% and compared to the rest of England 7% fewer people take part in water-based activities across the local area.

More information and access to the survey can be found here: https://englandswims.swimming.org/