Supporting the United for Warm Homes campaign

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Supporting the United for Warm Homes campaign

Jon Cruddas MP was contacted by a local resident last week calling for him to support the United for Warm Homes campaign. United for Warm Homes is a campaign made up of hundreds of community groups across the UK. The campaign is calling for permanent solutions to our broken energy system, starting with home insulation. Over 9 million UK households are living in badly insulated homes and have incomes too low to afford the basics, like heating and food. That’s more than 3 in 10 households across one of the richest countries in the world.

In 2021 the Government brought in the Green Homes Grant scheme which was an absolute slam dunk failure for the Tories, with 56% of applications rejected, and of the accepted applications only 46% of installs never materialized. Since then, it has been left to local authorities to pick up the colossal retrofit bill, which is why projects have broadly stalled. 

Jon said “This is another example, similar to the social care crisis, of the Tory Government passing the buck onto already cash strapped local authorities. I am in complete support of the United for Warm Homes campaign. Insulating homes is good for everybody. It means cheaper energy bills, lower carbon emissions to help tackle climate change and it provides good and sustainable jobs.

There are millions of cold leaky homes in the UK which, particularly through the winter months, are bad for human health increasing the risk of heart attacks, respiratory conditions and contributing to mental health issues.”

Jon went on to comment “Better home insulation will help families who are struggling to make ends meet and will produce savings for the NHS and social care budgets. The Rainham resident who wrote to me pointed out that it’s hard not to overstate the suffering people living in cold homes go through and that we’ve gotten here after 10 years of neglect, leaving almost no progress on improving the energy efficiency of UK housing or meeting our climate targets. 

I say this is an indictment of failed Tory Governments over this period, the country needs a fresh approach that will come with a Labour Government. Labour’s Warmer Homes plan would upgrade Britain’s cold, draughty homes, cutting bills and creating thousands of good jobs for electricians, engineers, and construction workers across the country.”