The Source Warehouse

The Source Warehouse

Jon Cruddas MP was recently contacted by The Source Warehouse.

The Source Warehouse is based in Barking but provides support for all residents of LBBD including Jon’s constituents. They provide furniture, free of charge, to those most in need within the Borough.

They are currently in urgent need of donations of good quality second-hand furniture and are happy to collect from individuals free of charge.

Items required:


Single/Double bed base                                                                             Single/Double Mattress
Chest of drawers                                                                                         Wardrobes
All bedding                                                                                                   Bedside cabinets


Microwave                                                                                                    Fridge
Crockery and cutlery                                                                                  Kettles and toasters
Fridge Freezers                                                                                            Washing Machines
Cooking utensils, pots and pans

Living Room/Miscellaneous

Dining table                                                                                                  Dining chairs
Table lamps                                                                                                  Small tables
Bookcases                                                                                                     Sofas
Coffee tables                                                                                                Towels
Small Electrical items                                                                                  Mirrors
Curtains                                                                                                         Sideboards

If individuals have the above items to donate, please reach out to the Warehouse Supervisor, Steve Fletcher, on 07868 631 073.

The Source Warehouse can also be reached at