September unemployment statistics for Dagenham and Rainham

September unemployment statistics for Dagenham and Rainham

The total number of unemployed claimants in Dagenham and Rainham constituency in September 2016 was 1,612. This represents a rate of 3.2% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64, the 174th highest of the 650 UK constituencies. (1st = highest claimant rate, 650th = lowest claimant rate.) The equivalent UK claimant rate was 2.4%.

This means that Dagenham and Rainham have stayed in the same position as with last month. However, it is still an improvement as Dagenham and Rainham have previously been positioned at 200th out of 650. This includes 1,197 people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance and 410 people claiming Universal Credit who were required to seek work.

The total number of claimants (both Jobseeker's Allowance and Universal Credit) is 73 higher than in September 2015 and 3 higher than in August 2016. There were 395 claimants aged 18-24 in Dagenham and Rainham constituency in September 2016, 50 higher than in September 2015. (Figures for 18-24 year olds are rounded to the nearest 5.)

Although figures have risen, there are many opportunities on the horizon across the constituency.

Londoneast-uk is a business and technical park with approximately 450,000 sq. ft. of high-quality business space available to let on long-term leases or short-term licenses. A perfect environment for existing businesses looking to expand or for start-up companies engaged in scientific research, innovation and development who require immediate access to specialist facilities and support services. It also has the capability to meet requirements from a wide range of industry sectors. The options are limitless whether you specialise in the health and medical sector, IT, scientific R&D, bio sciences or simply require access to state-of-the-art sterile or scientific manufacturing and distribution resources. The potential for job creation across a range of skilled sectors is a positive move for the local area.

The Londoneast-uk site on the old Sanofi land is also home to Elutec (East London University Technical College) which is a school for 14-19 year-olds in East London where students can pursue technical qualifications in product design, engineering and technology as part of their GCSE and A Level curriculum. This year Elutec received its first GCSE and A Level results, with a success rate of 95% - and the new campus is due to open later this year, providing new prospects for young people across the constituency.

Furthermore, the borough of Barking and Dagenham has increased its requests to businesses. Sainsburys are currently looking at opening a superstore in Barking. As a result, it would leave Barking as the highest concentrated area of big food stores in the whole of East London. Sainsburys and the owners of the retail park, Estates and Agency, added that a new store "will create around 450 new full and part time jobs".