Renters Rights Awareness Week 2021

Mon, 06/14/2021 - 06:00
Renters Rights Awareness Week 2021

This week (14-20 June 2021) is the first ever Renters' Rights Awareness Week and Generation Rent have organised a number of online events in conjunction with trade unions such as the GMB, Community and Unison and the week itself is funded by The Barrow Cadbury Trust.

Whether you're new to renting, having problems with your landlord, or just feel you need a refreshment on your rights, these free online events are the perfect fit for you. At each event you'll get the latest renters' rights information, be able to ask questions and share your renting experience.

Jon Cruddas MP said: "More and more people are relying on the private rented sector, and it is crucial that tenants are aware of their rights, particularly when faced with rogue landlords. Organisations like Generation Rent offer an invaluable source of information to ensure that renters know their rights and what they are entitled to.

"With a high number of my constituents across Dagenham and Rainham living in privately rented accommodation I hope many will take the time to attend some of the events this week. There are some very knowledgeable speakers throughout the week and their advice could make all the difference to those facing a complex housing situation."

Generation Rent's recent renter survey showed only 7% of private renters were confident about their rights as a tenant. Similarly, some 19.3% admitted they knew very little about the rights they do have. One in eight private rented homes in England are considered unsafe. Overcrowding and poor housing conditions are significant safety concerns, which can affect private renters' health, safety and wellbeing. These statistics are worrying when we consider that in terms of security, cost and quality, the situation is far worse for private renters as compared with those in social housing or in owner-occupation.

Many private renters' find it hard to know exactly where they stand if they face difficulties. This week's events will be an important source of information, support and advice for many. Find out more and register below.

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Vent Your Rent

Repairs: Getting Them Done

Rent Arrears and Eviction

The Renters' Reform Coalition

What to do Before you take out a New Tenancy

Your Landlord's or Letting Agent's Responsibilities Towards You

Renting in Shared Accommodation