MP Welcomes Free Primary School Meals in London

Jon speaking
MP Welcomes Free Primary School Meals in London

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London has announced the introduction of a £130 million one-off funding plan to provide all primary school children in London with free school meals for one year beginning September 2023. This will help families struggling with the spiralling cost of living crisis, saving families £440 per child each year.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham welcomes this policy announcement, with many children in his constituency living in poverty with food and fuel poverty at some of the highest levels in London. Recent polling from City Hall found that 45% of Londoners say they are now using less energy, water and fuel, and 13% say they have been unable to buy food and other essential items in the last six months, having to rely on outside support such as food banks. This funding plan will allow families to put their saved £440 towards essential utilities such as water and energy and remove the need to be reliant on food banks.

The Labour MP for Dagenham & Rainham said: “this is a ground breaking announcement that provides a stark contrast to the Tory government’s approach, who have time and time again refused universal free school meal support for families. Given the current economic circumstances I know this will help thousands of people across my constituency.”

This policy follows the Mayor’s plans to tackle the cost of living crisis, spending £50 million to tackle fuel poverty through the Mayor’s Warmer Homes programme and energy advice services, along with more than £20 million to improve security for private renters and house rough sleepers and those who are homeless, and £5 million to connect Londoners with welfare advice. Jon Cruddas supports the Mayor’s ongoing efforts in urging the Government to provide the funding needed to make these initiatives permanent.